Rabu, 29 Agustus 2012

love in life

life is like water in which it must finish its way in the pipe.
love is like something and everyone will be silent.

There's a people who like thinking that life will pass as if they don't know what is the continuation of it and what have they done as well.And there's a people who like thinking that life isn't life if the can't catch their target,there is something wrong,but this is real life,and everything will not run well as we want,we have worked hard,but sometimes God isn't in our side,and who can guess ? life relates to love...?we are almost love,and sometimes our bad habit will be lost at preset.if we know that some people in our surroundings ,we will say "I'm just a spectator" and you are the doer" 

Rabu, 21 September 2011

so great

you look so strong  and great in facing various problems
but you must face it
this is your temptation
but another peoples look you
you look so strong in facing some trobles in your life

I just say that
cause it's so difficult for us
if we are in your position

---Ayah Mengapa Aku Berbeda----AGNES DAVONAR

--ineke intania

the mellow song

if I hear it
I feel peaceful and floating in the air
as if it's real life
mellow song
mellow songif I hear it
I feel like in the world of peace
without ambition as easy go

but this is just the song
It makes me enter to the peeceful moment
from all probles that disturb mebecause the mellow song

Jumat, 19 Agustus 2011


Kala pagi menjelang
Kulihat suara- suara penuh kedamaian
Rasanya kita ingin segera bangun untuk menatapnya
Mereka begitu cantik

Seekor serangga kecil entah apa namanya
Terlihat begitu sempurna
Tetapi semua hanya Tuhan
Kesempurnaan milik Nya

By  :

Wanita Sempurna

Tidaklah mudah menjadi seperti itu
Tidak semudah membalikkan tangan
Penuh tantangan dan kerja keras
Penuh ujian

Jika kita diberi pengharapan
Kita pasti ingin menjadi sesuatu yang sempurna
Itu target kita

Tetapi itu semua tidak mudah
Semua dikembalikan lagi kepada Tuhan
Sang pencipta bumi dan langit
Penuh kesabaran untuk mendapatkannya

Kamis, 18 Agustus 2011


I don’t think about it again
I don’t know everything happen in my deepest heart
Just a usual troblem or no

Maybe last week
I still think about it
And I expect about it
I try to remember it

I’m still a child
Don’t think anything strange
Especially for love
It’s not suitable for us

Rabu, 17 Agustus 2011


World is so big for us
For live
For searching a piece
For searching love

If we look someone like her
Or a succesfull people in the world
Her ambition is a world
Can you imagine ?

She always works hard for getting it
It’s not easy but too hard for us
Her target is world
In her twitter is just dream for world

We just human
Sometimes We wanna do like her
Sometimes We wanna try
But sometimes it’s impossible